Snowshoe Death March, I Mean, Race


Well, yes, indeedy.  My “little” snowshoe race of 18 miles was yesterday.  I did 11. 5.  I knew it would be hard, and that I probably would be slow, but I don’t think I expected it to be quite as grueling as it was.  Common sense will tell you that you need to do/practice the activity in order to race the activity, but I thought I’d been running enough recently that it wouldn’t be too bad.  Hmmm.  I’ll try and remember that for the next snowshoe race.

Nonetheless, it was a great group of people – hubby Bill was the head houncho race volunteer standing out in the wind for hours, his client and friend Kevin organized the race with no race fees(!) and tons of swag, Tania got her first race in after several years off (and she completed the 18), and Carol let me hang out in her car with warm dry clothes and a cozy blanket while I waited for everyone to go the entire route.

Today, I will be a slug.  The temps here in Denver today are way too warm for January (can you say climate change?), and I might manage a short spin on the bike outside.  And the 2 big white dogs are jonesing for some romp-time – they would have loved the race – perhaps I will have to work on a dog/skijoring/snowshoeing contraption for future human/dog activities in the snow!


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