Speed Training – Not Torture, For Once

Speed Training - Not Torture, For Once

Speed training is not my favorite thing. I’m a fan of long and slow, and well, I do that a lot better than speed. But today, I had a speed workout, (on the treadmill, no less), that was not like Machiavellian torture.  What a concept!  And later today, a massage for me – yes!


Butternut Squash Salad – delicious!


I am not one to often share recipes online.  I figure people can pretty much find what they want, and so much of good food depends on the quality of the ingredients and the care of the cook.  But this one is too good not to post!  Made it this week and I just can’t get enough.  Yummy, pretty, filling, healthy, vegetarian.  Enjoy – http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/butternut-squash-apple-feta-salad-00100000094066/index.html

Finally, a comfortable run

Today, a solid seven days after the snowshoe death march, I mean, race, I finally had a comfortable run.  I took a day off from running the day after the death march, ahem, race, but started up again on Monday.  So six miles on Monday, four miles Tuesday (with speed work and crazy wind), Pilates reformer class on Wednesday, seven miles marathon pace on Thursday (I am doing the Boston marathon in April, and am attempting to train for that, as well as this crazy ultra), four miles Friday, and eight miles today.  And it took until today until I felt good.  Not sure if I needed more recovery post death march, I mean race, or if I just needed to get some consecutive training days in to adjust, or what.

I did manage to take the 2 big white dogs for two of the runs.  At some point, I’ll figure out how to take some decent video of them running and post it so others can see the joy and power they exhibit out there.  It is inspiring!  But for the time being, you just get pictures of them after a run, like this one:

Y and S asleep, post-run

Y and S asleep, post-run

Now, the only problem, is sore feet.  It’s nothing major, and I do know aches and pains from lots of physical activity over the years, and because of my work as a massage therapist.  Thank god, I got one of these!

The BEST foot roller!

The BEST foot roller!

Tomorrow, 14 miles.  At least, that’s the plan.  Will keep you apprised.


Snowshoe Death March, I Mean, Race


Well, yes, indeedy.  My “little” snowshoe race of 18 miles was yesterday.  I did 11. 5.  I knew it would be hard, and that I probably would be slow, but I don’t think I expected it to be quite as grueling as it was.  Common sense will tell you that you need to do/practice the activity in order to race the activity, but I thought I’d been running enough recently that it wouldn’t be too bad.  Hmmm.  I’ll try and remember that for the next snowshoe race.

Nonetheless, it was a great group of people – hubby Bill was the head houncho race volunteer standing out in the wind for hours, his client and friend Kevin organized the race with no race fees(!) and tons of swag, Tania got her first race in after several years off (and she completed the 18), and Carol let me hang out in her car with warm dry clothes and a cozy blanket while I waited for everyone to go the entire route.

Today, I will be a slug.  The temps here in Denver today are way too warm for January (can you say climate change?), and I might manage a short spin on the bike outside.  And the 2 big white dogs are jonesing for some romp-time – they would have loved the race – perhaps I will have to work on a dog/skijoring/snowshoeing contraption for future human/dog activities in the snow!

Psyching Out

So, there is a reason for having a recovery day after a speed workout. I know that, but instead I opted for a moderately intense Pilates class, and then later in the day, a short, but fast run. Ugh. That run did not go well. Legs were like logs. And then, so quickly, came the negative self-talk. “You’re struggling with this, and you think you can do a hundred?,” my addled brain provokes.  “Are you nuts?” Psyche out!

I should leave that psyche out for my competition. Except my biggest, and sometimes only competitor, is me. And me – all parts of me – need to be on the same page. At least most of the time.

Does this hapoen to you? If so, what do you do to combat it? And why is it sometimes so hard not to run?

Leadville 100 Trail Race

It has been awhile since I blogged.  Actually, it has been since July 2012, right about the time I completed my first ultra trail race, Leadville’s Silver Rush 50. 

Running the Silver Rush 50

Running the Silver Rush 50

It was epic – a long, long time on the trail, at just about perfect temperatures, fabulous co-participants, an even more fabulous set of self-proclaimed athletic supporters, what seemed to be an unending supply of energy, if not speed, and no nasty thunderstorms until the very end (and at that point I didn’t really care about anything, except finishing – as long as I wasn’t struck by lightning, I was getting over that finish line, regardless of what the sky was throwing at me). 

Well, now I’m in for an even more epic adventure, and this one is going to be twice as long – I registered for Leadville’s 100 mile trail race in August of this new 2013 year.  Some say it’s easier (wider forest roads instead of steeper, more technical singletracks), some say harder (it is, after all, twice as long).  I will be running and/or stumbling for more than 24 hours, running at night, running on full, running on empty, running with pacers, running with others, running by myself, running towards, running away, just plain running for a helluva long time. 

Not quite sure just what I have gotten myself into.  Certainly, a bit, or more, of some pain.  Hopefully, a bit, or more, of some nirvana.

And recently, on my little yak trak snowy run at Brainard Lake,

Chilly post-run me!

Chilly post-run me!

attempting to pick up some speed in short dabs of intervals, in chilly, windy conditions, I realized (again) that I run because, well, as trite as it sounds, because I can.  I am so incredibly blessed – to be able to run physically, to be able to run lifestyle-wise, to be able to run mentally, to be able to run, period. 

What a journey this will be.  I will post more when I can – stick with me, if you like – it might be interesting, and even, kind of fun!