Trail Running in the Midwest

So, I took a trip to visit my 94-year-old mother.  Yes, that’s right, folks, I did not make a typo.  She is 94 years old, fiercely independent, and still in her own home, living by herself.  When I’m at her house and insist on still going for long runs, she accepts the fact that this is what I like to do.  She’ll sometimes comment about her bad knees (aw, it’s the knee issue once again), but really, I always figure that since she had both knees replaced in the last decade, she managed with her own joints for over 84 years, so genetically I can’t be in that much of a troubled world, no?  In fact, she won’t even flinch when I tell her the number of hours/time I need to be out there pounding the pavement.  But when I said I wanted to find a trail for running, she was a bit flummoxed.  And trails to run on in Kansas are a little bit harder to find than in the foothills and mountains of Colorado, for obvious reasons.  But the trail I did find was quite lovely.  Elevation is not a factor, so running in the Midwest seems considerably easier, and according to my perceived effort, it was, at least on the lungs and the heart rate.  And in May, before the summer heat and humidity hit, temperatures are practically perfect.  And there is shade!  Lovely, sizeable, green trees shading the path – what a notion.

That being said, and although it was great to see my mom and revel in her fantastic longevity, I missed dry, high, vista-laden Colorado.  Missed the two big white dogs, and the husband, too.

So, the next long run is scheduled for two days from now, and it will be in Colorado.   Boy, I’m a lucky soul – not only can I run, I do, and I can do it most anywhere, but it is probably best in the place I call home.


2 thoughts on “Trail Running in the Midwest

  1. It must be lovely in Colorado, I’ve seen pictures and it looks beautiful. All power to your 94 year old mum, mine is 92 and also living independently, but is not too well now.

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