Starbucks is my motivation


Starbucks is my motivation.  Well, it is, sometimes.  And yes, it is trivial.  But it is what I think about on long runs, on occasion.  Kind of pathetic really.

The Big C

Lately, however, I have been thinking about other matters.  Far weightier ones.  Like the great client/friend who told me recently that she has metastatic melanoma.  I think of her, and the terrific challenges she faces on a minute by minute basis.  She doesn’t fret about 50 miles – she worries about chemotherapy, custody of her dog, how her nieces will handle her untimely death, assisted suicide.  I think of her, and instead of crying, I run harder, I run faster, I run more.  I run, well, because I can.

My endeavor seems, in the grand scheme of things, fairly mundane.  I wonder how I will face the issues she now is grappling with.  I hope it will be with the strength and humor she has.  I hope.  I wonder.  I don’t know.

So, what is your motivation?


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