Ah, Boulder

You gotta love Boulder.  Its inhabitants can be a little odd, as can its government, but it is a beautiful place.  One of those gorgeous places is the Mesa Trail up at Chautauqua where I ran today.

So, although this was a solo run for me today and I was not escorted by either of the two big white dogs, I got scolded for having a dog that wasn’t mine chasing deer:  Inhabitant –  “YOUR dog is chasing deer.”  Me – “Not my dog, ‘ma’am.”  Inhabitant  – “Oh.” (Very pursed lips.) “Well.  It’s not good.”  Hmmm….

And what happened to that little scree field across the trail that you had to navigate?  Maybe I’m wrong, but if my memory serves me right, you had to do a bit of scampering.  Apparently, Boulder government determined it was hazardous to your health and wellbeing and like a giant, plucked away all those pesky little pebbles and just moved them right out of the way.

Ah, well, aside from those realities, the run really was beautiful.  I had forgotten how green the foliage can be (perhaps it was the rain yesterday?).  And, I felt great!  Aside from the tweaked knee (this, to be clear, is not a running issue – alas, it was those evil high heels worn last Saturday night), the uphill surges dictated by coach Adam actually felt good, I felt relaxed, yet strong.  Perhaps it was the beauty.  Or maybe the massage I got today before the run.  Or maybe just because it was a run, simple as that.


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