Sauntering Sascha

Watching one of the two big white dogs, Sascha, running, or more accurately, sauntering, through her agility obstacles, I was struck by her lack of speed.  The other dogs zoom around like little frenzied dirvishes, springing and leaping and skidding and such.  But Sascha is careful, somewhat cautious.  She’s got speed – I’ve seen her turn it on and rip about – but here in this moment she is thinking, maybe planning, moving through, with care.

She is kind of like me, and the way I run.  Methodical, slightly cautious, slow, long, in it for the long haul, but with the ability to pick up the pace, if needed.  Never going to be the hare, but something more than the tortoise.

And, like me, the girl knows how to recover!


Sascha in the bed


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