Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race 25k

Two days ago, no, now it’s been three, I did the Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race 25k in Cheyenne Mountain State Park outside Colorado Springs.  Nice race!  Great organization, friendly folks and fantastic weather.  And other than a little bit of off-stomach, I felt great, ran smart, and came in second in my age group (Female 50-99 – ha!).  The woman who beat me, well, besides the fact that I never saw her, was a phenom and finished fourth or fifth out of the women overall.

It was cold to start.

But got a bit warmer and was perfect running weather for the majority of the race.  Bill was my premiere athletic supporter and took lots of pictures.  My finish:

Not sure how they measured the course, but the 25k (15 miles), according to my GPS, was almost a mile long.  So really, I ran a 16-miler.  No matter, we all ran the same course!

After the race, we booked it down to Pueblo to relax with some friends camping at Pueblo State Park.

I managed to actually go for a “recovery” mountain bike ride the next day, and I only biffed once.  My little toodle on the bike morphed into quite a ride with Bill, Becca, Alexey and Sean encouraging/hassling (depending on your perspective) me to go further.  Legs were quite wobbly when I got done!

No big white dogs on this trip, however.  Sadly, Cheyenne Mountain doesn’t allow dogs on the trails, and so they got to go to dog camp instead.  They didn’t seem to miss us in the least.  And, two days later, they are still snoozing off the rambunctious mayhem I’m sure they created!


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